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Focused on
Top skills
  • Typescript
  • GoLang
  • GraphQL
  • HTML / CSS
  • Dart
  • Node.js
  • Kubernetes
  • Nginx
  • CI/CD
Main tools
  • React
  • ReactNative
  • Redis
  • Flutter
  • Redux/Mobx
  • Apollo
  • Prisma
  • Postgress
  • Nexus.js
  • NestJS
  • Docker
  • VueJS
Work history

Finleap Connect

Software Engineer
March 2021 - Present


Software Engineer
September 2021 - March 2022


Software Engineer
June 2021 - September 2021

Mobile10 Soft

Software Engineer
September 2017 - December 2019


Full-stack Developer
April 2013 - October 2017
First and foremost, I love writing code. I am a self-taught developer with a major in Economics and a minor in International Finance. My coding journey started experimenting with simple HTML/CSS websites when I was in high school. And then, when I was at the university, I worked as a SPA receptionist at a hotel. And we needed something to organize weekly shifts, staff's monthly commissions, annual leave days usage, monthly wage calculation, monthly expense-income reports; because we were trying to manage it all with excel spreadsheets. And it wasn't feasible or sustainable. I rolled up my sleeve and quickly put together a front-end application based on Microsoft Access with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code and SQL database for the back-end. Building something that works flawlessly and actively being used today fulfilled me in a way that I haven't felt before. And it became my passion. Since then; I have been and will always be working on broadening my software engineering knowledge, expanding my programming languages, following the best practices, learning and adopting new technologies to be on top of the game. I worked on open-source projects, contract jobs, production applications, back-end projects, side projects... And now I am working full-time as a software engineer. --- --- --- I am a Software Engineer experienced in TypeScript and Golang with a major in Economics and a minor in International Finance. I have worked on open-source projects, feature contracts, and now as a full-time engineer in an agile team; pushing production-grade commits with a passion for shipping impactful code. Skilled and results-oriented developer with more than 6 years of experience working in a variety of environments with a breadth of programs and technologies.
Full-stack Food Delivery Application

Full-stack Food Delivery Application

Written full-stack food delivery application with ReactNative for mobile app, Node.js - Apollo - Graphql with Prisma - Nexus.js - Postgres for the backend, React-Redux - Next.js ChakraUI with Electron wrapper for the restaurant management, React-Redux - Next.js - MaterialUI with Electron wrapper for the Support Staff administration management.

  • Typescript
  • Graphql
  • Next.js
  • Redis PubSub
  • ReactNative
  • Websockets
  • Postgress
  • Nexus.js
  • Redux
  • ChakraUI
  • MaterialUI
  • React Native Paper
Shiver PWA

Shiver PWA


Shiver is an online community for sharing and enjoying urban legends, mythology, scary stories, the occult and many other facets of human culture. We built it with containerized Golang/GraphQL backend and React Tailwind PWA frontend.

  • Status: development
  • Typescript
  • Tailwind CSS
  • PWA
  • GoLang
  • GraphQL
  • Gorm
Bar Reservation System with Fabric.js

Bar Reservation System with Fabric.js


The simple bar reservation system I drafted in Codepen. The bar layout, table-chair positions, wall placements can be stored in the back-end and can be redrawn on the front-end for the end-user. Scalable and versatile.

  • Status: live
  • JavaScript
  • Fabric.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Codepen
  • noUISlider
  • HTML
  • CSS
Checkbox habibi shashan

React Native Checkbox Npm Package


Npm package that I was a contributor which has 3500 weekly downloads and 185 stars currently.

  • Status: live
  • ReactNative
  • React-native-reanimated
  • Npm
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